SINCE 1975

As a premier event management company we don’t see events as merely any passing occasion, we see them as opportunities for organizations to interact, connect, and relate with channel partners, employees and customers. Our unique, lively and energetic events build a vibrant relationship that echoes enduring brand loyalty, which further nurtures and ensures the growth of our valued clients and their organizations.



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Transcending all boundaries and creating a holistic approach to event management, brand promotion and in the larger goal of company promotion, Cigma Events stands apart from the rest because we stand focused in our endeavor to get you a greater brand and company recall. Our holistic approach takes care of all aspects of your requirements from concept, expert manpower, equipments, technology, artist management and right pricing, while not losing focus of the big picture of promoting your company and your products and services.

Brand building and brand promotion is no longer a laid-back exercise undertaken by businesses, organizations and governments. Today, it is becoming increasingly aggressive with business and organizations more eager than ever to promote their products and services to a greater and larger audience. Poised to meet this demand is Cigma Events with its decades of experience and expertise in event management. We are being increasingly seen as the first choice of companies and businesses that would like to make a deep impact of their presence to as large a consumer base as possible both from India and from around the world.

" We are more than satisfied with your services. "


Our Strengths Today

Cigma Events is expanding its network continually because of the ever-growing presence of our esteemed clients in many Indian cities. Today, we have a large and comprehensive network covering the northern, eastern, southern and western regions of India. We have our logistics and executive operations in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

Our presence in these major cities has ensured that we are suitably placed to meet exacting demands and sudden changes of plans and venues that may arise from time to time according to the requirements of our clients, which include trade bodies, corporations, multinationals, transnational corporations and governments. Our network also includes channel partners who can take care of unforeseen exigencies in case of emergency. Our in-house resources and broad network are unrivalled and include some of the finest talents from across India.

Concept and Creation

Cigma Events' in-house creative and communication cell is a large and varied group which comprise of many teams. These teams include graphic designers, multimedia experts, copywriters and concept developers.

Expert Event Production Manpower

Cigma Events has experts in event production, sound and light engineering, artist management, and media & brand managers who make sure that every event is a success.

Audio Visual Equipments

Cigma Events' use of the latest technologies has ensured our pivotal role in event management, which is for the part most dependent on our state-of-the-art audio and visual equipments, holographic projections laser lady, and watch out screens.

Artist Management

Cigma Events has a comprehensive artist management strategy in place. Our artist managers have built enduring relationships with some of the finest and emerging talents and can provide some of the finest talents in opera, fusion artists, illusionist, Bollywood stars, celebrities, and talents for your events at the best entertainment prices.


What takes the cake is Cigma Events Central Brain Cell a creative think in-house Think Tank for concepts and design. We also have an in-house Fabrication Unit that can take care of all printing jobs and finally an in-house Production Team across all Verticals that ensures full value for money.

" I was impressed and pleased with your team's professionalism. They made the event a resounding success. I shall never hesitate in recommending Cigma Events. "